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The Ottawa Hospital Auxiliary

TOHA is lead by an incredible group of volunteers dedicated to in-hospital fundraising to support essential hospital services and programs across all three Ottawa campuses.

Since 2011, TOHA has donated over $13 million to The Ottawa Hospital.



Large Capital/Equipment

Proceeds from gift shops and programs are donated to The Ottawa Hospital to purchase critical equipment, including a MRI, ER trauma bay and Mobil Arm-C unit.


General Equipment

Proceeds also purchase general equipment, including waiting room televisions, tablets, patient alarm clocks, and other patient support equipment.


Hospital Services

Your support helps fund our programs: the emergency clothing cupboard, breast pump rentals, new mother layette kits, and gift cards for groceries upon discharge.


Bursaries & Research

Proceeds also fund annual nursing bursaries, which support nursing staff to continue their education and enhance capacity at the hospital.

Gifts that keep giving

Cardinal Block Sign

“I Am Always With You” sign. MDF. 1.5 x 6 x 6. Delivery Civic or General Campus.


Aluminum folding walker to provide weight support while walking. 300lb capacity.


18oz mug with the artist’s name, tribal affiliation, and title of the design.

Neck Pillow

Supportive neck pillow.

We Want You

Volunteer at one of The Ottawa Hospital campuses or online for one of our projects. Your time and support will help us shape our future.

The Ottawa Hospital Auxiliary Annual Report

Delve into our Annual Report to discover a comprehensive overview of TOHA’s accomplishments, initiatives, and financials from the past year.

This document offers insights into our tireless efforts to support The Ottawa Hospital, detailing the contributions of our dedicated volunteers, the impact of our fundraising events, and the numerous ways we’ve enhanced patient care.