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The Clothing Cupboard

“Having clothing resources provided by the Auxiliary is essential to maintaining the patient’s dignity, assists as part of the discharge planning process and maintaining patient flow in the hospital…. without access to this clothing cupboard patients might have to be sent home in hospital gowns/pants/blankets “

Jette Haswell, Social worker, Psychosocial Services

Program Mission

The Clothing Cupboard is dedicated to ensuring that patients in distressed situations are provided with appropriate clothing, facilitating their timely and dignified discharge from The Ottawa Hospital. Our goal is to uphold the dignity and comfort of individuals who find themselves in vulnerable positions due to unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents, emergencies, or financial hardships.

Often, patients lose access to their personal belongings or find themselves without suitable attire due to the circumstances that led to their admission. The lack of proper clothing can delay discharge, prolonging their stay and adding to the emotional and financial strain on both the patients and the healthcare system.

What We Do

We maintain a well-stocked cupboard of new clothing items, sorted and available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different needs. This program is about providing clothing but also about restoring a sense of self and normalcy to those who have undergone stressful and sometimes traumatic experiences.

How We Help

Timely Discharge: By providing clothing, we help facilitate the discharge process, allowing patients to leave The Ottawa Hospital as soon as they are medically cleared.

Dignity and Comfort: Clothing is a fundamental part of our identity and self-esteem. Our service ensures that patients can leave in comfort and with dignity.

Support for Vulnerable Populations: We pay special attention to the needs of the most vulnerable, including low-income individuals, the elderly, and those without a support network.

Interested in Supporting Our Work?

In the journey of healing and recovery, every small step matters – and sometimes, the smallest step can be as simple as the act of wearing one’s own clothes. At TOHA, we believe in the power of these small steps to restore dignity and normalcy to those in vulnerable situations.

How Can You Help

Financial Contributions: Monetary donations are vital in sustaining our program, allowing us to purchase supplies in bulk and cater to specific needs that arise.

Spread the Word: Help us reach more people by sharing our mission with your network. Awareness is key to our growth and ability to help more individuals.

Every donation, big or small, contributes to a larger story of hope, support, and community solidarity. With your help, we can ensure that hospitalized patients maintain their dignity and self-respect.

Thank you for considering a contribution to our program.